Unlock product/market fit

Surveyval gives SaaS businesses the actionable insights they need to find their best customers and create a better product.


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“Surveyval has been a huge help in understanding the direction to take with Boxy Suite. With zero setup we were able to get actionable info from our customers.”

Francesco Di Lorenzo,
Founder Boxy

How it's done

#1 Create a survey

Simply enter your product name and Surveyval will generate the survey for you.

#2 Share the link

Send your survey link to your users. We recommend at last 40 responses to get meaningful insights.

#3 Get insights

Surveyval removes all the guesswork and automatically generates easy-to-understand reports with actionable insights that you can use immediately.

Easily find out...

... who are your best customers and exactly what makes them love your product.

... what you should build next and how you should prioritize your product roadmap.

... which features make your users upgrade and how you can use that info to increase revenues.

“Surveyval allowed me to quickly gather insights from my users, and I got feedback that I didn’t even know I needed! It took less than 2 minutes to set up my survey and share - quick, painless and super beneficial!

Travis Lee Street,
Founder Poplink

Unlock product/market fit

Companies that focus, even obsess, on their customers have much higher chances to survive in the long run.

You already know you should talk to your customers, but what do you actually ask them? And how do you draw actionable insights?

Surveyval removes all the guesswork with battle-tested surveys and automatically generated reports.

Find out who your best customers are, where to find more of them, what to prioritize in your roadmap and much more.

"Most startups fail not because they don’t manage to develop and deliver a product to the market; they fail because they develop and deliver a product that no customers want or need."

- Steve Blank


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* Price is per survey

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Surveyval and Typeform/Google Forms/etc?
When you use services like Typeform or Google Forms you're supposed to know how to create a survey and interpret the results. Surveyval removes all the guesswork by creating industry-standard customer development surveys and automatically extracting insights from the responses.

What type of insights do I get with Surveyval?
Surveyval's reports contain dozens of insights, but the most important are:
which segments love your product the mostwho are your best customerswhy they love your productwhich features make your users upgradewhat you should build next
You can also see the a demo report here.

How does Surveyval generate this insights?
We use traditional statistical methodologies and industry-standard techniques. You can read more about the methodologies used in this article.

Who is Surveyval for?
Surveyval has been designed to help SaaS companies achieve product/market fit faster. However, you're free to use it for other type of products as well.

Can I export my data?
Anytime. We want you to use Surveyval because you love it, not because we took your data hostage.

Can I segment my results?
Sure you can! We understand that the data collected through a survey is only as meaningful as the context through which is analyzed. Surveyval comes with a built-in segmentation feature.

How easy is it to use segments in Surveyval?
As easy as adding a parameter at the end of your survey link. For example if you want to segment your responses by plan and acquisition channel you can do this: https://app.surveyval.app/s/MFd12b932295?segment[plan]=paid&segment[channel]=facebook

Is my data safe?
We are hosted on a cluster of servers with Amazon Web Services for reliability, speed and security. All data is encrypted.

Who created Surveyval?
Surveyval is brainchild of Manuel Frigerio and the Maître team.

What's the matter with the name?
The name comes from a conversation between Manuel and a friend in which they both agreed that companies that don't know their customers die. (Hence the name Surveyval, a mashup of the words "Survival" and "Survey". I know, it's a bad joke).

Why did you build Surveyval?
Surveyval comes from our 7+ years experience running companies and doing customer development. We noticed that lots of companies don't do any customer development, whether because they don't know what to ask or don't know how to use the results. Surveyval is our solution to this problem.

How can I get in touch?
Got questions, feedback, suggestions, a good story or a marriage proposal? Send us an email at [email protected]

Thank you!

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